C.K Tools strives to remain open

Monday, 30 March 2020
C.K Tools strives to remain open

At C.K Tools and C.K Magma we have two main priorities, to keep our staff safe and to ensure that key industries and tradespeople remain equipped with the tools they need to keep the country running.

We have instigated a work from home policy to all who are able to do so; those members of staff who are at risk, be it due to their age, underlying health conditions, or because they live with a person who is in one of those categories we have sent home. A pared down team remains on site to run the office and warehouse operations to ensure that we are able to service our customers in these difficult times.

As directed by Government manufacturing industry, maintenance and construction trades continue to work to supply goods and services to ensure the country remains operational. C.K Tools is an essential part of the supply chain for these industries, so we will continue to support, for as long as is reasonably possible, our retailers in UK, Eire and across the globe to ensure that users are able to source the security and tools they need.

Our Customer Services team are available to assist all enquiries, call on 01758 704704.

Keep safe everyone.