The C.K Experts are tasked with one job: take our products and help us make them better. Through rigorous use and real life on-the-job testing, the C.K Experts panel has been critical in helping us to develop crucial product innovations and development, across our product portfolio.

I have enjoyed immensely testing the various tools, C.K are wise to go to trades for comments especially as that is where they will be used. It’s refreshing to comment on the items and at times see them come to fruition. My career has spanned 34 years including an engineering apprenticeship with one of the main electrical power suppliers. At present I lead a shift of maintenance engineers and apprentices.” - Tony Y



I have really enjoyed testing the C.K products over the years and feel that it’s good for us electricians to give our input to the final development of C.K Products. I am a time served Electrical Mechanical Engineer with 49 years in the electrical  and mechanical work place running my own business for 20 years of that time.” - Barry S



Free tools who can moan about that, I seem to be the envy of my colleagues when I turn up with tools that are not even in the wholesalers yet. It’s good to be a part of the initial testers of tools and equipment prior to being sold and it’s good that C.K Tools take our comments on board and change the design once we have given them a thorough going over. I have been in the industry for over 30 years from an apprentice to various positions within the industry. I am currently MD of my own company and the worrying thing is, I still enjoy it - not many professions can say that.” - Kevin P



It’s been great testing and receiving products to test - I think it’s a good thing that C.K take the time to ask the trade - even though the feedback is negative at times! Time served engineering with over 35 years of experience, now running my own company.” - Patrick D



It’s been a real treat to be a product tester and i hope that the feedback I have given has been a big help to C.K and all the electrician like myself in the production of top  quality tool =s and equipment which go towards making an electricians daily work easier. Having started my electrical career as an apprentice, with little confidence I persevered with the studies and gained my qualifications. I was then promoted to electrician and have never looked back since! Everyday is a challenge but at least it keeps you on your toes.” - Martin W



Honest, and always to the point, the C.K Experts’ critical evaluation in design, materials, stress points and performance have led to some of the most innovative developments seen within the industry, including the development of never seen before products, such as the Technician’s Toolcase, The Technician’s Rucksack, as well as hand tools such as the Plasterboard Punch, the Bush Spanner and of course the now famous Combicutter sidecutter range.

Made up of over 200 trades professionals covering; electricians, plumbers, builders, carpenters, joiners, plasterers, painters and decorators, bricklayers, HVAC engineers, maintenance engineers, lift engineers and service engineers, the C.K Experts panel is a key driving force in the continued development of C.K’s innovative and durable products. After all, there is no one better to tell us what is required of our tools than those using them day in, day out.


Tools are probably a tradesman’s most treasured possessions and most professionals know that poor quality tools can lead to a less than perfect job. The need for quality tools cannot be underestimated, and the standard of equipment used plays a vital role in the quick and efficient completion of a project.

What better way to ensure we develop the right tools for the job than working hand-in-hand with those in the know – trade professionals!