Test Meter Case Plus

C.K Magma Test Equipment Case Plus

  • Improved access with easy-opening lid and two retaining straps.
  • Adjustable padded compartments for safe storage of test equipment and accessories.
  • 27 pockets and holders for extensive storage of test equipment, accessories and tools.
  • Convenient toolkit storage compartment.
  • Carrying handle and padded shoulder strap for maximum comfort.
  • Heavy duty lockable zip system for extra security.
  • Hard protective divider between tools and test equipment.
  • Integrated trolley strap, for easy transport with any Magma wheeled case.
  • 100% waterproof polymer base for increased durability.
  • Convenient see through document/instruction manual pocket.
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MA2641 C.K Magma Test Equipment Case Plus H:22cm x W:36cm x D:24cm 1.9kg 4